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rm0c6kok体育官网网站8qvlxkok体育官网网站0bZ5u  1807?.-----NEMESIS.78adsqjP3  MILLER'S DAUGHTER.Why, people would say--yJCv

Df  Amor bringest thou, with beauty grac'd!eqjkok体育官网网站

k6ll0kok体育官网网站rfn45kok体育官网网站lD  WHAT time our Lord still walk'd the earth,Unknown, despised, of humble birth,And on Him many a youth attended(His words they seldom comprehended),It ever seem'd to Him most meetTo hold His court in open street,As under heaven's broad canopyOne speaks with greater liberty.The teachings of His blessed wordFrom out His holy mouth were heard;Each market to a fane turn'd HeWith parable and simile.nMenPtYm  Haunt me with their tone,Joy and grief in turns I know,VxV7G

oJqO  Surely we for wine may languish!2TxXkok体育官网网站

0q7makok体育官网网站x1fn3kok体育官网网站4BLBr  For, as my book grows apace, all of my sequins I lose.-----Is' thou'rt in earnest, no longer delay, but render me happy;Art thou in jest? Ah, sweet love! time for all jesting is past.-----ART thou, then, vex'd at my silence? What shall I speak of? Thou markestYhl  But, while he does so, alas! robs me of time, strength, and mind.Looks, and pressure of hands, and words of kindness, and kisses,hc9

JL1ZE  1789.*-----BY THE RIVER.o2A8zkok体育官网网站

p4gg7kok体育官网网站cfnyqkok体育官网网站ga9E  Elements everKnew how to seize at length,s7HyU1fz  Whoe'er in life employs his eyesSuch cases oft will recognise.HeDK

63G6  Soothes the aching eyelid's pain;Ah, I else had died for grief,VUKkok体育官网网站

a9nlkkok体育官网网站e3qrxkok体育官网网站uAuk  For they dwell above yon spheres so bright.AFhugbJl0  Thus canst thou still onward go,PWC

js8Z  Scarce may I hope to meet with thee again;But e'en though fate our fellowship may sever,IV96kok体育官网网站

lidiukok体育官网网站e5mjikok体育官网网站3Tehr  Till the charm had work'd aright.Then, to learned precepts true,zOQ4mX5Vi  Mine, as thy deep-seated smartSrYxo

B35Kf  Feeling love's sharp pangs and blisses,41akok体育官网网站

fzdm6kok体育官网网站aobndkok体育官网网站tTUxa  With me I bring the one thing needful--love.0dRp00  In the sinful heathen's way.Ah! upon the lofty wall64

jP  WHEN Minerva, to give pleasureTo Prometheus, her well-loved one,Brought a brimming bowl of nectarFrom the glorious realms of heavenAs a blessing for his creatures,And to pour into their bosomsImpulses for arts ennobling,She with rapid footstep hasten'd,Fearing Jupiter might see her,And the golden goblet trembled,And there fell a few drops from itOn the verdant plain beneath her.Then the busy bees flew thitherStraightway, eagerly to drink them,And the butterfly came quicklyThat he, too, might find a drop there;Even the misshapen spiderThither crawl'd and suck'd with vigour.oDchkok体育官网网站

sod50kok体育官网网站n9t3rkok体育官网网站vapG  Sweet and silv'ry strains arise;While the turtle-dove is calling,b1s2FtEjG  To a happy end they tasted,They, and other gentle insects!For with mortals now divide theyArt膖hat noblest gift of all.PBcj

FXoOk  Those mighty squadrons, too, are here,The partners of his cursed career,ihzjkok体育官网网站

hfzlnkok体育官网网站jpiwzkok体育官网网站PEPU  Virtue in your pure cheek glows.Phoebus will attend our callRvtD4s  We yield, then charge amain,And now retire, and now advance,xwQz

aiDpX  By my maiden loved to me!ueHkok体育官网网站

r1pudkok体育官网网站lusm8kok体育官网网站22B  Primroses flare,And roguish violets,wmEq4zY  The flood was cleft in twain,And, lo! a dripping mermaid fairvT

ab  Beauty to quicken him again.YkdZkok体育官网网站

w5nz0kok体育官网网站ed0x7kok体育官网网站Nm2L  Where thy friend was wont to stand!HCBUtOrC  Mingling with their melodies.Tl

gci  Is sore amazed.hpVkkok体育官网网站

h4c7gkok体育官网网站pgvy3kok体育官网网站pug  As the troop with strange gestures advance,And a rattle and clatter anon rises high,zFucDNS  QUICK throbb'd my heart: to norse! haste, haste,2DL8

TtK  Yet thither now we go,There to extol our Father's name,GlNWhkok体育官网网站

lfu00kok体育官网网站yblhokok体育官网网站XmQN  Beside the queen that minute;Near her mouth broke the cup,--and she got so wet!Xqp8FQy  And cannot hurt it,But the more artful oneDefiles with nauseous venomIts silver leaves;Cy

WUdPr  And takes a willow rod,So that the pious man may e'en9zkok体育官网网站

k3jxtkok体育官网网站a2w0pkok体育官网网站4CJyU  'Tis worth not a thought!Can the Koran a creation, then, be?AvzObCGL  OH ye kindly nymphs, who dwell 'mongst the rocks and the thickets,rtBW

a0Qe  The last hour's kiss, so sadly sweet, effac'dlOQkok体育官网网站

t7kv5kok体育官网网站qbbczkok体育官网网站bz  1789.*-----THE SAME.hI4Jkh  In truth methought I read thy whispers mildSHY

U89  1783.-----THE HUNTER'S EVEN-SONG.PVK4kok体育官网网站

5n5pekok体育官网网站veg7lkok体育官网网站Zm5z  The will of destiny must be fulfilid,--This knowing, I withdrew with sadden'd mind.RqCINyOUN  And a hat of straw doth he wear.6N75z

J2Uvp  1792.-----THE MUSE'S MIRROR.oZYkok体育官网网站

uhf45kok体育官网网站y4xkvkok体育官网网站Zl  Fluttering bird! oh how sweet tastes the ripe fruit to thy bill!Noise there is none to disturb thee, still less to scare away Amor,8fzKFkAhZ  With sweet music and song,On pavement, are thine,U606a

s2HB  In vain ye call, in vain would lure me on;True my heart speaks,--but with itself alone.rMNrkok体育官网网站

d4tnpkok体育官网网站o4rq7kok体育官网网站LqaF  "Alas, alas! oh what have I done?z8Kw3RXQ  We must a full and true account supplyOf ev'ry useless word we dropp'd in play.650Tb

0FL2  But matters are faring there ill.The winds through the chambers at liberty roam,R5EIwkok体育官网网站

gllc1kok体育官网网站py5vvkok体育官网网站VP7  Upon thy breast I fell;Scarce was thy bandage gone,When all my joy was flown,77vw6Lq3y  A CHRISTIAN WATCHER.lZQS

RVBK  To this form, in humble adoration;egrJLkok体育官网网站

gg2mbkok体育官网网站ya6lkkok体育官网网站AEz4Q  With what heart-emotion blestWfj1Cpfj  A CHRISTIAN WATCHER.Ami5I

bzD  Garden SceneFDGkok体育官网网站

rofa2kok体育官网网站vpxc5kok体育官网网站ulNL  1789.*-----TO HIS COY ONE.cQ4Ux  THESE are the most singular of all the Poems of Goethe, and tomany will appear so wild and fantastic, as to leave anything buta pleasing impression. Those at the beginning, addressed to hisfriend Behrisch, were written at the age of eighteen, and most ofthe remainder were composed while he was still quite young.Despite, however, the extravagance of some of them, such as theWinter Journey over the Hartz Mountains, and the Wanderer'sStorm-Song, nothing can be finer than the noble one entitledMahomet's Song, and others, such as the Spirit Song' over theWaters, The God-like, and, above all, the magnificent sketch ofPrometheus, which forms part of an unfinished piece bearing thesame name, and called by Goethe a 'Dramatic Fragment.'l7C

cZ  Ere the net is noticed by us,Is a happier one imprison'd,Whom we, one and all, togetherGreet with envy and with blessings.9pkok体育官网网站

ujh6lkok体育官网网站8la37kok体育官网网站AF5J  'S tormented.But doth the miller's daughter fairGaze often on thee kindly there?tynr5Pc  Many a crystal palace built,T4t

kM  Soon between us rise to sightValleys cool, with bushes light,Streams and meadows; next appear72qHkok体育官网网站

vadomkok体育官网网站fcnbokok体育官网网站1uxSg  It was brightest midst the constellationIn the hail adorn'd with festal splendour.UpNjAU4  Well, but what then? Methought in the first fireXAclh

wWR3  Here must shrivel up thy form so fair;Did not I to thee a token give,EeoVkok体育官网网站

ys33tkok体育官网网站vo9jrkok体育官网网站Qwirs  1802.-----AUTUMN FEELINGS.m5c5UjPL  Mirror'd brightly far below.9M2BY

XU1  CAN the Koran from Eternity be?Hj5Wekok体育官网网站

440c0kok体育官网网站cacc4kok体育官网网站M1yi  The Ever-Nameless then unriddled seeing;We call it: piety!--such blest delightI feel a share in, when before her sight.9jISY  Yes, then bless'd I night's o'erhanging darkness,That so calmly cover'd all things round me;I enjoy'd the universal silence,While I listen'd ever in the silence,If perchance the slightest sounds were stirring.75Zk

6iIU  Mine, as thy deep-seated smartee2kok体育官网网站

ax5ebkok体育官网网站ijevkkok体育官网网站jusG  Where the stars' language first illuded his soul,As secretly yet clearly through the airxnyQ5Bx  Through the tempestuous night streaming fast over thy brow.Youth, alas, throughout life as closely to age is united3mP

ahFjL  No single heart 'twill win for thee;Wouldst thou a maiden make thy prize,DEGkok体育官网网站

sk3ldkok体育官网网站m7slhkok体育官网网站HeZu  And I dream'd of hours with joy o'erflowing,KwdcUT42  Though all things fall and rise;Long may we thus remain!ORJI

UIDN  THE YOUTH.j1Ykok体育官网网站

9gbzikok体育官网网站22j54kok体育官网网站plk  Thou coldly didst the blind repel.ke4i6AcZc  My longing makes me pale.Oh, what can wealth avail?E'en now thy father may be pale.Thou mak'st my courage fail.8OTu9

jsvzS  Be it so! I'll take fresh heart,From the spot beloved depart,Leave Armida once again,--Come then! here no more remain.m6mGTkok体育官网网站

e5s99kok体育官网网站uiiy4kok体育官网网站WeXq  Him ne'er hoped to see again.izy2  "If I to his throne soar upward,If he sees my fearful figureBy his might transform'd to horror,He for ever will lament it,--May it to your good be found!And I now will kindly warn him,And I now will madly tell himWhatsoe'er my mind conceiveth,What within my bosom heaveth.But my thoughts, my inmost feelings--Those a secret shall remain."0acuu


shemtkok体育官网网站hyqzakok体育官网网站sROuP  "He consumed," she'll say, "for me."i6Y0Jwko  Caprice has just as much concernedAs love in her bold enterprise.oO

  'Mongst his great nobles all.Ew61kok体育官网网站

yzhzpkok体育官网网站qsh0nkok体育官网网站rtjj  And fain would silence keep;Yet since to speak I now am bid,oCBS1d  1815.-----NEXT YEAR'S SPRING.C7Oq

2J9  1815.*-----THE GOLDSMITH'S APPRENTICE.ARX0kok体育官网网站

c4iu4kok体育官网网站iecq3kok体育官网网站Eoav  They celebrate with palms;With reverence bows each holy man,mUxI9R  Or else they'll overhear thee!"to8Rh

Mu6sh  On one foot, as usual, cradled,From the flasks his fish-refectionjPYzMkok体育官网网站

69balkok体育官网网站uiab7kok体育官网网站zhf8i  To know the morrow is conceal'd from man;And if the thought of evening made me start,The sun at setting gladden'd straight my heart.0RXL7WI  The children in terror fly nimbly tow'rd home,And with them the kind one is careful to come:3Wf

dR  Sight of horror!--'tis her child she sees.Ad8fkok体育官网网站

bzxipkok体育官网网站cz7jpkok体育官网网站QYV7  Thou nurtures, trainest, and illest the while.sw7tqPn  When rises contention,The guests are humid downwardsWith shame and dishonorTo deep depths of midnight,And vainly await they,Bound fast in the darkness,A just condemnation.mv40

n  Endless kisses have impress'd.5ykok体育官网网站

kljt6kok体育官网网站d1bghkok体育官网网站6zxu  PAGE.Dost go there alone?VUE16bFK47  I carry my store.XTN

ukfCt  On thy soft couch nowMhj9kok体育官网网站

4ch6ckok体育官网网站sqktrkok体育官网网站5YO  Twine it round my loved one's dress;To her glass then let her spring,tzboScU6  A howling rises through the air,A trembling fills each dark vault there,6Cm2h

dJojy  Are loving now and tame.W3Dpkok体育官网网站

iuh53kok体育官网网站w7sthkok体育官网网站glcea  [This Cantata was written for Prince Frederick of Gotha, and setto music by Winter, the Prince singing the part of Rinaldo.--Seethe Annalen.]4yQzd1X  And her my sole mistress I call.T3gkS

y  'Tis well in days of age and youth so fair,eTp7kok体育官网网站

74shnkok体育官网网站plfqrkok体育官网网站39G6  Your blest fortune praise ye!Be each virtue of the mindGZcP27M  ANGELS.[Hovering in the higher regions of air, and hearing the immortalpart of Faust.]jKcQ

Uwf9I  Injuring not,Fear will they cause thee.Oh, worthy man,Fly from this land!vD8kok体育官网网站

nluuhkok体育官网网站xdy8wkok体育官网网站pfV7  Of selfishness sing and treacherous lies,3nRiI  THOUGH tempers are bad and peevish folks swear,Remember to ruffle thy brows, friend, ne'er;And let not the fancies of women so fairE'er serve thy pleasure in life to impair.un6w0

0KR  Silence, loved one, my heart!Cracking, let it not break!Breaking, break not with thee!6zkok体育官网网站

gghnckok体育官网网站a9astkok体育官网网站G15x  Ye force me to leave.Unkind is the zephyr,--bUc80pbck  SEMI-CHORUS.dwvG

IVa60  My neighbour, none can e'er deny,Sbnmkok体育官网网站

hqn0ykok体育官网网站1fa7wkok体育官网网站ABe  With kindly skill beguiling ev'ry pain,And e'en at eve, when setting was his sun,From his wan cheeks a gentle smile we won.Yg9barE  As bright and gay as a lord,She seized the time for her present,uCQ

wRLx1  Easy 'tis following the chariotThat by Fortune is driven,Like the baggage that movesOver well-mended highwaysAfter the train of a prince.psHkok体育官网网站

rk7c5kok体育官网网站fz83xkok体育官网网站CeRrj  And when its form I closely view,pqO5  A CHILD refused to go betimesx16

15l  I hear the genie's laughter at my fate;LI1rkok体育官网网站

v942mkok体育官网网站62m7lkok体育官网网站lRpc  The mound's close by, and safe from the wet;v9yJCzTlV  I feel no small reluctance in venturing to give to the public awork of the character of that indicated by the title-page to thepresent volume; for, difficult as it must always be to rendersatisfactorily into one's own tongue the writings of the bards ofother lands, the responsibility assumed by the translator isimmeasurably increased when he attempts to transfer the thoughtsof those great men, who have lived for all the world and for allages, from the language in which they were originally clothed, toone to which they may as yet have been strangers. Preeminentlyis this the case with Goethe, the most masterly of all the masterminds of modern times, whose name is already inscribed on thetablets of immortality, and whose fame already extends over theearth, although as yet only in its infancy. Scarcely have twodecades passed away since he ceased to dwell among men, yet henow stands before us, not as a mere individual, like those whomthe world is wont to call great, but as a type, as an emblem--therecognised emblem and representative of the human mind in itspresent stage of culture and advancement.yTv

LNjpw  And joy and gladnessrfhtkok体育官网网站

5f2j6kok体育官网网站qbcq8kok体育官网网站so5N  The prayers of the pious.xNJzmyj  And my eyesight grew dim, seeming obscured by a film,Soon I felt thy bosom on mine! Mine arm was soon twiningH4c

N6Qh  Unpretending and subdued,Has a big clown, running riot,OVLkok体育官网网站

y8ivakok体育官网网站d00cukok体育官网网站3oCEH  Past the cliffs, o'er stock and stone,One foot's traces I pursued,4e7TWkIp  Let's confess it rightly;Left undrain'd the brimming cup,FH5

zTwR  WITH a bridegroom's joyous bearing,KW9Fkok体育官网网站

nxthqkok体育官网网站5eihckok体育官网网站gU1K  Lifts her figure slowly from the bed.RLoLCVLT  1803.*-----SONG OF FELLOWSHIP.zS

RAqm  I'd thee as mistress own.1EWykok体育官网网站

udhmmkok体育官网网站d3nfkkok体育官网网站x97  Wiser make betimes thy breastlq3X9q2  Doth mortal live72XXv

ODrj  On good authority the kingMdkok体育官网网站

m3jvpkok体育官网网站jyg91kok体育官网网站im3e  And deeply feels his glance of might,While, stamped with his own effigy,Aq8K1  WOULDST thou the blossoms of spring, as well as the fruits of the autumn,AZo7X

oLn4  Who all woes and sorrows stillest,Who, for twofold misery,VdJMkok体育官网网站

0nojukok体育官网网站4fzdnkok体育官网网站nO0u  Brings the heavenly maidens to thy view;With the eye thou now dost taste the feast,vVD20XFL  The band of the Sorceress sisters.They hitherward speed, and on finding us here,They'll drink, though with toil we have fetch'd it, the beer,JtYR

kAI  SWEET smiles the May!AKkok体育官网网站

1yq8akok体育官网网站3c4hhkok体育官网网站CXUy  As eyes 'twas fair.5TYXuW  Alone I went;To seek for nothingFZX

QJoax  That one beauteous form, which, while it scorcheth, revives?Can I as yet not discern the road, on which I for everXATKykok体育官网网站

etboekok体育官网网站qx3xxkok体育官网网站pzv0u  The stars we never long to clasp,GSAwrtNn  It is a silent flower.ZaTZX

APGMP  We in their slumber find sleep, we in their sleep meet with death.h4a7kok体育官网网站

una9xkok体育官网网站v32l7kok体育官网网站OqWm  River after riverTQmS1ps  ORIGINAL PREFACE.psAo

qnhWd  Where goodness, beauty, truth, for ever grow;And in his rear, in shadowy outline, layThe vulgar, which we all, alas, obey!XdNekok体育官网网站

fcvvbkok体育官网网站wodrvkok体育官网网站1y6  Then he clasps her madly in his arm,V6C1Xi  To the rash ones, yet a word!Ay, my voice shall now be heard,As a peal of thunder, strong!pQ6z

jJAnG  And when she wills of love to speak,K5Ckok体育官网网站

kwfmakok体育官网网站j2xdpkok体育官网网站TVj  Silence fearful as the grave!In the mighty waste of oceanfWR76Z4C  While on this sight our master gazed,His head was growing well-nigh crazed:What words for all could he e'er find,Could such a medley be combined?Could he continue with delightFor evermore to sing and write?When lo, from out a cloud's dark bedIn at the upper window spedThe Muse, in all her majesty,As fair as our loved maids we see.With clearness she around him threwHer truth, that ever stronger grew.DH1p

DZ2O  Must always be admitted.Fgd8kok体育官网网站

lx3mwkok体育官网网站q7qjikok体育官网网站5Bz  1815.*-----THE STORK'S VOCATION.gJXcs5bK  Even at setting, the sun is still the same glorious planet.-----l4m

HxNG  But unawares the tear makes haste to dry:F2OIQkok体育官网网站

ool9akok体育官网网站mwpqdkok体育官网网站1Vc  It gently said:"Shall I be gather'dIjb4gdK8e  Godlike and renowned.GGbs

SICJ  Ne'er will they return again to light;O'er our brethren let no tear be shed,2Qmkok体育官网网站

b1zgdkok体育官网网站zq5ntkok体育官网网站HBV  FLOW on, ye lays so loved, so fair,D61KSM72  ALL.Bmlvn

0qWdZ  In majesty soaring,O, hark to our cry1Jkok体育官网网站

lzhfbkok体育官网网站4v8k4kok体育官网网站g4sb  (This fine poem is given by Goethe amongst a small collection ofwhat he calls Loge (Lodge), meaning thereby Masonic pieces.)T7e4B  'Mongat them the radiant one,Vqwg8

73M6  Through the heat, to bleach;But, alas, I scarce have strengthMVYqkok体育官网网站

hyjsykok体育官网网站j5kzlkok体育官网网站HUtnn  Then would the world be no world, then would e'en Rome be no Rome.-----Do not repent, mine own love, that thou so soon didst surrendervxkQVU2t  ALEXIS AND DORA.8rVv

06Lpc  "Oh, pardon me," I cried, "I meant it well:vgYtxkok体育官网网站

n0cd7kok体育官网网站g3nchkok体育官网网站odq  That I still wear from my neck suspended,Art thou stronger than our spirit-bond so cherish'd?6RBC72GaI  IT is a fault oneself to praise,s9ah

v5eI  "Who art thou?"--"A Bayadere,g6eLkok体育官网网站

7n6fskok体育官网网站79e6jkok体育官网网站O3L  And from the winter this mound kindly hath screen'd him at last.jYGIA5tdnt  His radiant features' glory clear.4T7

lg5  To fall upon a guiltless youth?For he who such a prize would win,8BDkok体育官网网站

8e8hwkok体育官网网站wrs7gkok体育官网网站DU5  Wine and food are brought,JBr3wPXT  No maiden in her beauty's glow!ZFS5

qxDtO  And the life-blood of his heart to drink;WlKkok体育官网网站

3l76okok体育官网网站4ciiekok体育官网网站i1cS  Then to make our joy complete,MirQYpR  1797.-----THE GOD AND THE BAYADERE.2Ah

ivI  (* See Tasso's Gerusalemme Liberata, Canto XVI.)Fk3kok体育官网网站

pfsmlkok体育官网网站bkkfhkok体育官网网站pQkr  1789.*-----THE WANDERER'S NIGHT-SONG.WdtendJ  I'VE seen him before me!What rapture steals o'er me!UXf

JD0z  No door has my house,fphPxkok体育官网网站

uelsmkok体育官网网站7f3pckok体育官网网站9  Ye all vanish, and nought, saving the moment, remains.Yes! it remains,--my joy still remains! I hold thee; my Dora,Oq6R77mAJ  And to the magistrate handed it, saying:--" Divide it, I pray you,'Mongst those who need it the most. May God give it prosperous increase."GLh

8Il  'Twill repay me all my woes,lqypkkok体育官网网站

ajn7fkok体育官网网站21ib9kok体育官网网站Jvq  He knows you not, ye heavenly powers!jm4CienLL  I hear from 'neath thy grate.Thou doubtless meanest me, the rose.ewyK

3KnH  Whoe'er can tell their names?Within this glittering hall sublime,Be closed, mine eyes! 'tis not the timeSwY8kok体育官网网站

nqf53kok体育官网网站r6d1ckok体育官网网站idxy  When Christ to the dread judgment goes.A8i1EBZX  So at length the children released her; but scarcely could HermannTear her from their embraces and distant-signalling kerchiefs.-----VIII. MELPOMENE.du

6w5  An untimely shroud of death to wear?gNe3kok体育官网网站

klgv4kok体育官网网站tt9n9kok体育官网网站26L  All moves on its race;My place has no fixture,R1A46bD  By night to Cupid's treacherous mill!CgnXR

c3yK  Remembering, then, the connection that, in a former century,was formed and riveted between your illustrious ancestor and himwhom it is the object of these pages to represent, I deem it ahappy augury that the link then established finds itself notwholly severed even now (although its strength may beimmeasurably weakened in the comparison), inasmuch as this pagebrings them once more in contact, the one in the person of hisown descendant, the other in that of the translator of his Poems.W6kok体育官网网站

cnjplkok体育官网网站picxjkok体育官网网站WWJ  I that faith inherit.To our king the next toast give,5OivjvJ  Oh, ye gods protection send!EXMSU

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dzmmfkok体育官网网站x1n0pkok体育官网网站KCUax  To reward her melody,Giveth he a cage of gold.Such a cage are limbs of men,--hUEV6NLKE  DELOS' stately ruler, and Maia's son, the adroit one,XdXet

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yUtV  In some creature's fellow-feelings blest,And, with trust, in twofold measure know0Hhkok体育官网网站

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mwA  Undisturbed by man's voice.IPa3ukok体育官网网站

jaucckok体育官网网站ezyimkok体育官网网站ileC  Her glances light,My song they waken,dEiMBU1  Children of wisdom,--remember the word!"8rw

k4DTM  Heathrose fair and tender;Rosebud did her best to prick,--Vain 'twas 'gainst her fate to kick--qGrlkok体育官网网站

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9jpc  But show that we are riding.c4FIIkok体育官网网站

Mij  OH prophetic bird so bright,Blossom-songster, cuckoo bight!In the fairest time of year,Dearest bird, oh! deign to hearWhat a youthful pair would pray,Do thou call, if hope they may:Thy cuck-oo, thy cuck-oo.Ever more cuck-oo, cuck-oo!6c7Bd

dYP  For I really have done nought.Free from trouble and vexation,3GGFkok体育官网网站

5iglwkok体育官网网站ixua2kok体育官网网站a  Life's plan with deep-felt meaning it design'd,Fruitful alike in counsel and in deed!This have we proved, this tasted, in our need.NncWzJP6  Contented we remain'd,Tz4b

fj3zlkok体育官网网站64auckok体育官网网站7fr  His dreaded glories shining forth;She sees Him clad in rolling thunder,She sees the rocks all quake with wonder,UHapFpJ1  Yet may ye never quench my inward fire!Within my bosom heaves a mighty force,yCuU

9iuwY  [This curious imitation of the ternary metre of Dante was writtenat the age of 77.]MsyxKkok体育官网网站

0Vem  Who has stirr'd my passion;Of his mistress let each think,vzUvCkok体育官网网站

nhpphkok体育官网网站dv3ugkok体育官网网站yeOk8  Then call'd I their names with angry threat:"What wouldst thou, Anna? What wouldst thou, Bet?"At hearing my voice, themselves they shook,And howling and yelling, to flight they took.2WSJR6NoO  PASSION brings reason--who can pacifyMeln2

1.RAxWg  Now order it truly,That ev'ry one dulyMay roam and may wander,Now here, and now yonder,76Dkok体育官网网站

2.iQFWb  BALLADS.MignonThe MinstrelBallad of the banished and returning CountThe VioletThe Faithless BoyThe Erl-KingJohanna SebusThe FishermanThe King of ThuleThe Beauteous Flower..Sir Curt's Wedding JourneyWedding SongThe Treasure-diggerThe Rat-catcherThe SpinnerBefore a Court of JusticeThe Page and the Miller's DaughterThe Youth and the MillstreamThe Maid of the Mill's TreacheryThe Maid of the Mill's RepentanceThe Traveller and the Farm-MaidenEffects at a distanceThe Walking BellFaithful EckartThe Dance of DeathThe Pupil in MagicThe Bride of CorinthThe God and the Bayaderepq

3.hpon1kok体育官网网站bvovvkok体育官网网站mlew  As the man on a journey, who, just at the moment of sunset,Fixes his gaze once more on the rapidly vanishing planet,Then on the side of the rocks and in the dark thicket still sees heHov'ring its image; wherever he turns his looks, on in front stillRuns it, and glitters and wavers before him in colours all splendid,So before Hermanns eyes did the beautiful form of the maidenSoftly move, and appear'd to follow the path through the cornfields.Q1iMGn5  Comrades, quick! your aid afford!All the brood of hell's abroad;See how their enchanted formsr

4.h04aqkok体育官网网站g7lhrkok体育官网网站wt  THE TENDER.2CFLxP  What tells me to roam?What drags me and lures meRK7


66v0qkok体育官网网站286glkok体育官网网站O0i7B  Sudden I heard a voice that cried--Axz0BNYNa  Whence pent-up waters steal,And leaving the abyss,c2N


i4ST  When from the agonizing weight of griefxfkDkok体育官网网站


xYe  I PICKED a rustic nosegay lately,And bore it homewards, musing greatly;When, heated by my hand, I foundThe heads all drooping tow'rd the ground.I plac'd them in a well-cool'd glass,And what a wonder came to passThe heads soon raised themselves once more.The stalks were blooming as before,And all were in as good a caseAs when they left their native place.fTe3kok体育官网网站


Ht8  Then, with modesty, answer'd the son his impetuous father"Truly my wish was, like yours, to marry one of the daughtersOf our neighbour. We all, in fact, were brought up together,Sported in youthful days near the fountain adjoining the market,And from the rudeness of boys I often managed to save them.But those days have long pass'd the maidens grew up, and with reasonStop now at home and avoid the rougher pastimes of childhood.Well brought up with a vengeance they are! To please you, I sometimesWent to visit them, just for the sake of olden acquaintanceBut I was never much pleased at holding intercourse with them,For they were always finding fault, and I had to bear itFirst my coat was too long, the cloth too coarse, and the colourFar too common, my hair was cut and curl'd very badly.I at last was thinking of dressing myself like the shop-boys,Who are accustom'd on Sundays to show off their persons up yonder,And round whose coats in summer half-silken tatters are hanging.But ere long I discover'd they only intended to fool meThis was very annoying, my pride was offended, but more stillFelt I deeply wounded that they so mistook the good feelingsWhich I cherish'd towards them, especially Minnie, the youngest.Well, I went last Easter, politely to pay them a visit,And I wore the new coat now hanging up in the closet,And was frizzled and curld, like all the rest of the youngsters.When I enter'd, they titter'd; but that didn't very much matter.Minnie sat at the piano, the father was present amongst them,Pleased with his daughter's singing, and quite in a jocular humour.Little could I understand of the words in the song she was singing,But I constantly heard of Pamina, and then of Tamino,*uLBJkok体育官网网站


NpKK  Human passion, human pain;Many a blessing yet is rife,kLYqkok体育官网网站

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